Saturday, January 27, 2018

Fashion from the Streets

It's been forever since I last posted. It's not that I haven't been walking and finding stuff...nope, just the opposite! I've just neglected to blog about it. I won't burden you with photos of the 58 unused dog poo bags I've found and have been able to use for my own dog, but I will show you the awesome non-poo bag things I've found as a result of my amazing walks.

And note: my new commitment while walking is to pick up any clothing I see on the road, take it home, wash it, and either keep, upcycle, or donate it. "Fashion from the Streets"'s a thing!!!

This wadded up beauty that turned out to be...

...this awesome skirt!

I stumbled upon a great garage sale and got this for $5!

And the art continues on the back!

This fabulous headband!

This amazing handmade pottery that was at the curb as a freebie!

A dollar!

So I didn't take this one home, but I totally appreciated the art!!!

My dear friend gave me a gift in poop bag!!!!

This awesome long sleeved top that my 19 year old loves!

This fabulous Vans flannel button down that fits me!

And this child's shirt that I washed and will donate.
This awesome toy that is now in my students' play area!

Another dollar!

This little baby banket!

My classroom dolls LOVE it!

This bag of shavings I've been using in my chicken coop...cluck!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Three States Worth of Finds!

So this blog post covers three states! Yes, I found awesome stuff on our trip to Washington and Oregon this summer! So grateful that people have the dropsies everywhere I go. Here's to quirky vacation souvenirs.

Dog Poo Bag #1...Washington

Dog Poo Bag #2...Washington...bonus points for polka dots and lovely ferns!
Hello Kitty kite found on the beach in Pacific City...I made a young girl VERY happy when I gave this to her.

Dog Poo Bag #3...Oregon...bonus points for hydrants/bone graphics.

Dog Poo Bags #4,5,6...Oregon...I might have sounded like a crazy person when I gleefully and loudly announced my treasure.

Dog Poo Bag #7...back in Austin

Dog Poo Bag #8...cracked ground...yup, back in Texas for sure!

I found a dollar and gave it to a homeless man...told him, "I found it but I knew it wasn't meant for me." 

Dog Poo Bag #9

Dog Poo Bag #10

Dog Poo Bag #11

I found a hanger. These clean up great in the dishwasher, by the way.

Dog Poo Bag #12

I found a rainbow. :-) Maybe the treasure at the end of the rainbow is dog poo bags?

Dog Poo Bag #13

Found a bandanna. Washed it and it joined the rest of our bandanna "napkins".

I found a socket.

Dog Poo Bag #14

I found a t-shirt that I'm going to wash and donate.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Awesome Yard Art Sculptures, a Found Lost Tooth, Dog Doo Bags, and More!

I can't believe it's been two months since the last time I posted! I think the end of the school year had my attention focused elsewhere. But rest assured, Hazel and I kept on walking and finding stuff!

I took this home and cut it into small pieces.

Bag #1

Bag #2

Bags #3 and #4

Bags #5 and #6

Bag #7

Phyllis is checking out something awesome I found on a walk.

Aren't they fabulous?!?!

Bag #8

Bag #9

And this marks a first for me. I actually SAW these two bags being dropped. Under normal conditions I would have alerted the dropper of what had just happened, but these were not normal conditions. I was working with my kid on parallel parking and it was simply not a good time to do anything of the alerting kind as he was concentrating and doing his best...which was awesome! So after the practice session I hopped out and snagged the bags. And now I know exactly how all these discarded bags come into being!!

Bags #10 and #11

Bag #12

Bag #13

And then there was the day that I found a tooth necklace with a recently lost tooth in it. I posted about the necklace on the neighborhood listserv and was able to get it back to the kiddo who'd lost it. Fairy magic for the win!!!

Bag #14

Bag #15 - found just a few seconds later.

Bag #16 - found just a few seconds later by one of my walking buddies!

Bag #17 - bonus points for having to navigate this cactus.

This awesome birdish (?) looking thing that I found set out for bulky pickup.

"Cats don't pose, mom."

"And what the heck is this thing, anyway?!?!"

And last, a brand new bungie cord!