Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Useful, Crafty, Cashy!!!

I love my walks when I find not only useful things (like dog poo bags and MORE), but also useful things that motivate me to get my inner crafter going!!! Ooh, and money...I found money!

Poo Bag #1 - bonus points for cool animal print

a VERY dirty knit cap.

And look how great it is after clean-up! I love it!

I found a reusable bag...always awesome, am I right?

Oh, no, such a sad other side of the bag!!!

Snip, snip of an old t-shirt and this bag is now AWESOME! (...and shopping mall free!)

Poo Bag #2...bonus points because SCARY!!!

Poo Bag #4...bonus points because it's way in there and yes, I did get scratched up...worth it!

I found a dollar to donate!
Poo Bag #5

I found this when I got home from a walk...a reminder from residents' past (pre 1991).

And this!

It was a $20 bill!!! Planned Parenthood is getting a $21 donation!

Super Soggy Poo Bag #6

Poo Bag #7