Monday, March 13, 2017

A Tool, a Hat, and, of course, Poo Bags

It's been an period of fabulous, soggy finds! So soggy I've found myself air drying individual poo bags as I walked or ran and even using my clothesline! I'm thinking I might just be the first person EVER to carefully clothespin unused dog poo bags to their backyard clothesline. I'd be honored receive THAT certificate!

Bag #1...bonus points for paw prints.

Bag #2 found on the greenbelt while hiking.

Bag was windy so I had to hold it down.

Bag #4

Bags #5 and #6...I love a two for one find!

Bag can't tell, but it was a challenge to reach down far enough to get this treasure.

Bag #8...bonus points for zebra stripes.

Bag #9...super soggy, but clean!

A tool! Definitely saved someone a flat tire and maybe we'll use this odd thing.

Found a soggy hat! After washing, this went into my "donate to those who are homeless" bag.

Cool accidental pic of us running...looks like we're going super fast, eh?

Soggy Bag #10

And then my favorite find! I was driving to HEB and Costco and on the way I saw something blue in the gutter. I obsessed over what I hoped it was the entire time I was shopping. So when I stopped on the way home and checked it out, well, I was thrilled to see it was 11 bags all connected in one fabulous long line!!!

Super Soggy Bags #11 through #22!!! Bonanza!!!!!

I had to hang them on our clothesline to dry. Our chickens in the background were hoping it was a big worm.