Monday, February 20, 2017

Pro Art, Pro Sleep, and Pro Poo

Walking and running in my hood has been super kind to me lately! Supporting my art, supporting my need for sleep, and, of course, supporting Hazel's need to, you know, poo.

I saw this little bamboo stand on a curb and drove back later to pick it up.
The stand only had 3 casters so I set them out front on top of the mattress we were also getting rid of.

Then a few days later I found the 4th caster down the block from the others!!!
And then I found my first bag! (Bag #1)

I snagged this, took it home, and cut it up so it wouldn't end up harming our wildlife friends.
I found two bags folded together! I love a two-for-one deal! (Bags #2 and #3)
And then one day I found an entire roll...BONANZA!!! (Bags #4 through infinity!)
Coordinating your outfit with your dog poo bags...that's a thing, right?
And last, but not least, I found an eye mask for sleeping.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Unused Poo Bags, a Hat, a Headband, and a Mystery!

Oh, my gosh, it's been a while...and I have SO MANY finds to report! So many unused dog poo bags (of course!), and a number of other things, too. And something I've begun finding makes me wonder if I have a secret admirer. Could that be possible? Could someone out there be setting me up for success? I'll let you see the evidence and you can help me decide.

Bag #1

Bag #2

Bag #3...yes, I did dig it out of this muck and rinse it out in a puddle!

Bag #4

Bag #5

Bag #6...bonus points for paw prints.

Bag #7

Bag #8

Bag #9...note the pussyhat shadow...yes, I did find this at the Women's March!

I lost my keys on a walk and retraced my steps and I found them! Whew!

And here's where my mystery starts. Do I have a secret admirer out there who is deliberately dropping unused dog poo bags for me to find?

Bag #10 (first bag with a knot in it)

Bag #11...bonus points for paw prints.

This hat sat on a fire hydrant over a week, so I took it. It needed a home.

Bag #12 (second bag with a knot in it)

Bag #13...yes, I picked up this soggy bag...double bonus points for paw prints and SPCA.

And can I just take a moment to point out what great colorful accessories these bags make?!?!

Bag #14 (third bag with a knot in it)

I "fixed" the longhorn camo hat by sewing a heart shaped peace sign on it.

Because I'm pro folks in the armed forces, pro love, and pro peace. I'm neutral when it comes to Longhorns.

I found a XXL Perry Ellis button down that I took home to wash.

Bag #15

An awesome headband!

Bag #16 (fourth bag with a knot in it)

The shirt turned out great and I donated it to the homeless.
OK, so what do you think about the mystery knotted unused dog poo bags? Do I have a secret admirer? Is it you?